MKS Base conversion for K8200

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Hi guys just letting you know I've posted full installation instructions and a mount STL for the MKS Base if you are interested in upgrading your machine > http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1836898

Velleman K8200 MKS Base Conversion

Good job!
Did you noticed any up/down side by using the MKS motherboard?

Oh there's plenty of upsides after I changed it. For starters I don't get the skipping during the printing anymore (I had to place a blower fan on it using the default board). Also I've now added a MKS TFT to the setup. Also great thing about the board is you are able to add WiFi functions to it and a RepRap Discount Smart LCD to it. Oh and it automatically adjusts the voltage - it's compatible with any power supply from 12-24V so I used the standard 15V Velleman one without a problem.