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Klipper BTT Smart Filament Sensor Support

by TheJoshW

Hi, I noticed Klipper did not support the BTT Smart Filament Sensor (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000269547406.html), so I figured I would (attempt to) write a plugin for it. I started with filament_switch_sensor.py but it triggers off a pin switch. The BTT sensor uses a rotary encoder so the switch is constantly toggling, so I really need to trigger it off the extruder moves and check that the state of the sensor is toggling as the extruder moves. Does anyone have experience on how to register callbacks against the extruder moves?

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Problems with offset and mesh_min/max

by onkel04


i switched from marlin to klipper with my tevo tarantula and having problems calibrating.
When ever i want to start g29 it says "Move out of range: 10.000 -70.000 5.000 [0.000]"

I noticed that its somekind of related to mesh_min/max but couldnt figure it out how.

Could someone help me out? Am i missing something?

I am using this mount:

Tevo Tarantula Direct E3D Titan X-Carriage
klipper offset
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Klipper on a AnyCubic i3+ Prusa

by MaZe1973

Yesterday I have started with the installation of Klipper on a AnyCubic i3+ Prusa (my first time)

original TriGorilla board,
with original TMC A4988 stepper driver, without chnages in vref
original setup for the axis
original extruder and MK8
original display
Raspberry Pi 3B
Octoprint, latest version
Klipper latest version
new bearings ;-)

I had to configure the printer.cfg by my self, i didn't find in the web - hard work to find all necessary information like the pinout for the board and so on. Actually all axis, switches, display, heater for bed and noozle are running well. I have testet alle safety functions and checked PID Tune.
First test with 100mm/s was cool. 2nd test with 200mm/s was Impressive - with a nice surface!. It feels like having a new printer ;-) !!
Today I want to optimize the "Pressure Advanced" function, actually i have choosen some save values, and I will try to find out the max. usefull speed for the printer (becuase of the moving printer-bed).

Is there anyone who as tried Klipper on an old, printer like that? Someone who want to share his expirences?

Best regards.

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Move exceeds maximum extrusion

by jshelley

Hi folks. I've written a little post processor to deal with the bug in Simplify3D which generates the bad gcode which triggers the dreaded "Move exceeds..." error. Anyone who's interested can have a look at



bugfix simplify3d Workaround
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Unknown command:"OBJECT"

by markwinger

I keep seeing this message in the klipper message window. It does not seem to cause any problems, but I am curious about them. I also see this in the serial.log:
2020-03-30 11:51:50,693 - Recv: // Unknown command:"OBJECT"
I see lines like these in the gcode created by Cura:
@Object myfile.stl
It appears this is the origin of these messages. Is there a way to make klipper stop complaining about these?

unknown error
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