anycubic i3 mega touchscreen

by tapkar

I don't suppose anyone has come up with a config for the i3 mega screen. I love klipper on my cr-10 and 4max but would like to have a working screen on the mega.

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Klipper CFG

by Joe71

for tronxy x5s with skr 1.3 and TMC2208 + BL Touch

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Klipper CFG

by Joe71

for Cartesian Printer and Skr 1.3 with TMC2208 and BL touch

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Ender 3 / BLTOUCH / MKS Gen L combination

by pimmel

I need some advice. I have an Ender 3 / BLTOUCH / MKS Gen L combination and would like to give Klipper a go, but I am not sure which printer configuration to use....the Ender 3 or (what I've been told that works best with the MKS board), the RAMPS configuration file. Once I get my rig purring, I'd be happy to share it to the github page.

Thanks for any advice!


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Klipper for TEVO Tarantula

by SEA17

I was thinking about moving to Klipper for a while. And now I got my TEVO Tarantula configured with it.

Klipper is new firmware, that is totally different from any other firmware by the way how it controls printer's kinematics.
You need Octoprint with Raspberry 3 or similar
You can read and get it here: https://github.com/KevinOConnor/klipper

There is new plugin in Octoprint for Klipper.

What is good:

  • to change config you won't have to flash it into printer - just edit it in OctoKlipper plugin of OctoPI
  • at same speed it can give better quality;
  • it can achieve much higher speeds (you might need to make printer more sturdy). Before I used to print at 50-60 mm/s. First my print with Klipper I did at 80 mm/s. Second - at 110 mm/s. It has shown that I need to tension belts better. Also I will redo extruder bracket shorter and add the stiffening ribs to it. But overall it is OK for my purpose. 2 Hours instead of 5 is important! And definitely I can increase speed further.

What is no so good, though it is only for high speeds above 100 mm/s:

  • You have to use highest filament temperature to extrude it faster;
  • with PLA it is fine, you use fan. but with ABS you need to tune corner speed, and sometimes use fan (slightly).

Bed leveling is working fine. Same as mesh leveling.

In the config file there is a section for Bed Tilt leveling commented out, because I used Mesh leveling. You can use only one - ether ether.
Note that I specified number and coordinates of points for my large bed. You need to adjust that is yours is not 200x280.
Also, My Octoprint by some reason uses ttyUSB0. You will find it when you install Klipper in your OctoPi following instruction.

As for your printer additions/mods: the more weight you hang on cartridge and bed it the more wobble you introduce.
I might review some parts of my printer to make it stiffer and lighter.

fast_print klipper quality tevo_tarantula
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Flashforge creator pro

by variables

Has anyone flashed a ffcp with klipper? Ive some how managed to burn out my mother board (unrelated) and finally got a new one. i know the chip is supported and Id really like to try klipper but im not sure of what pins are used for what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Anet A8

by Knaudler

here my working Anet A8 printer.cfg

step_pin: PD7
dir_pin: PC5
enable_pin: !PD6
step_distance: .01
endstop_pin: ^!PC2
position_endstop: -30
position_max: 220
position_min: -30
homing_speed: 50

step_pin: PC6
dir_pin: PC7
enable_pin: !PD6
step_distance: .01
endstop_pin: ^!PC3
position_endstop: -8
position_min: -8
position_max: 220
homing_speed: 50

step_pin: PB3
dir_pin: !PB2
enable_pin: !PA5
step_distance: .0025
endstop_pin: ^!PC4
position_endstop: 2.6
position_max: 240
homing_speed: 20

step_pin: PB1
dir_pin: PB0
enable_pin: !PD6
step_distance: .0115
nozzle_diameter: 0.400
filament_diameter: 1.750
heater_pin: PD5
sensor_type: ATC Semitec 104GT-2
sensor_pin: PA7
control: pid
pid_Kp: 33.8
pid_Ki: 3.7
pid_Kd: 77.8
min_temp: 10
max_temp: 250
pressure_advance: 0.2

heater_pin: PD4
sensor_type: ATC Semitec 104GT-2
sensor_pin: PA6
control: watermark
min_temp: 10
max_temp: 130

pin: PB4

serial: /dev/ttyUSB0
baud: 250000

kinematics: cartesian
max_velocity: 600
max_accel: 3000
max_z_velocity: 20
max_z_accel: 100
motor_off_time: 600

lcd_type: hd44780
rs_pin: PA3
e_pin: PA2
d4_pin: PD2
d5_pin: PD3
d6_pin: PC0
d7_pin: PC1

G28 X0 Y0
G1 X115 Y150 F3600
G28 Z0

Anet A8 klipper printer.cfg
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