Kodama versions?

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So guys, 3DPN said that there will be up to a version five of the Obsidian...any ideas of what features will change?

At least most of the issues addresses by the early reviewers like Joel Telling and Angus will be addresses in the v4 prototype and v5 final product. I take they will also include feedback received by the beta testers where feasible.

I'm hoping the filament feed mechanism will work with my nearly airtight box. I currently has 8 varied spools in it. One of them started as a 2K spool.

And I second the enclosure idea.

Also, it sure would be nice to know the temp limits of the hot end. I'd like to try some filaments that the Trinus can't get quite hot enough for.

Also, the built in spool holder only does up to 750G spools. It would be nice to just be able to support 1K spools out of the box.

Well it would be nice if there would be an enclosure but that's probably not gonna happen. Ill probably build my own.

An enclosure has been added last week, it features a front and back window as well as an ingenious top plate.