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by B0rax

This Group is growing fast and I welcome you all!

If you have any ideas or wishes for some changes in the group (description, pictures, sorting of things, etc) let me know!

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Hotend won't heat up.

by Mkvgz

So im just havin an issue with my Kossel Linear Plus where my hotend wont heat-up, not even a degree.

What i've tried and seen:

  1. When putting something to print it shows : 18/200 . So it can read the temperature, so i think that means thermistor rod that goes across the block its fine, right?
  2. I've connected it to pronterface, i can home, send commands but when i set the extruder to high temperature, same, doesn't goes up and the graph on pronterface shows nothing.
  3. Have checked every motherboard connection, no changes.
  4. I have tried to set the temperature without the layer fan, still same. Not a single degree.
  5. Can't adjust PID either.

What could it be? Fried motherboard?

Thanks in advance.

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Has anybody tried Igus Igubal joints?

by Splic3dBread

One paper they seem absolutely perfect. Extemely tight tolerences, reasonably priced, don't rely on springs like ball cup arms, and can't fall off like magball arms. Only person who has tried them is David Crocker and he didn't say much about how well they worked for him in his blog. Only thing he said is that they began to wear out rather fast due friction from the tight tolerences but I'm sure that could be fixed with white lithium grease. I'm suprise I haven't seen others using them. Anyone have any experience with them that they could share?

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Buildsize Kossel lineair plus 230 or 210?

by Coat

Hey there,

I'm trying to print a new design for a protectionplate for the underside of my Kossel, The plate has a diameter of 210 mm, with some mounting gear that exceeds that diameter (max 213 mm). I thought the build volume was 230 mm as advertised, but I can't go beyond the 210. When it first exceeds the 210 mm one of the arms gives a "kloink" and the bed-leveling after that is totally off, until a cm above the correct position, re-leveling solves that btw.
In the settings (move axis) the max. for the X and Y goes from -105 to 105 mm (=210 mm). Manually you can move it to ca. 115/230 mm. So is it the firmware? or is it a problem with the hardware ( the "kloink")?

Rods are 265 mm (axis to axis)
Buildplate 240 mm.

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Should I upgrade to linear bearings?

by Widgity

I have a Sintron kossel mini, and have noticed some pretty big cracks in the carriages. I am considering replacing them with linear bearings, but have heard that they wear out pretty quickly. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to buy, or other options? Ideally I don't want to spend too much, but I'd rather spend a bit more than have to replace them in a few months! I'm also considering upgrading some of the other plastic parts to aluminium while I'm at it and maybe putting some motor dampers in.

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