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bed mount

by bcrazycramer

What parts do I need for mounting the bed? Both of these? I can't seem to find a picture with these.

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Sintron Kossel Marlin Firmware Configuration

by Wibbly

I have one of these, built it back in February and it was running like a dream. Recently I decided to upgrade the firmware to the latest Marlin, which has a host of additional features. However, in a moment of forgetfulness I deleted my original config.h files that had all of my measurements in.

I recreated everything as far as I could see (the new Marlin is quite complex to configure from scratch), and tried running the printer. The LCD works, the steppers can be controlled from Pronterface, but when I try a simple Home command from the LCD the steppers are out of synch and they only move around 10mm, and the head moves down rather than up?

What have I missed? Do I need to erase the Eeprom before uploading, and do I need to do anything else to get the printer running correctly. The latest Marlin has a Mini Kossel config.h and adv file which is what I used, but I am getting nowhere.

If anyone else has already done this and would be kind enough to post the two files somewhere for download, I would be eternally grateful, hopefully I would only need to edit for my delta measurements, and fine tune and it will work. I just need a starting point that works. :)

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invert printer?

by mybrainsshit

hiho, so to add a big cooling fan on the mainboard, i m currently thinking about inverting the printer as in: the double triangle to the top with the electronics and motors and such and the single triangle to the bottom. has anyone done that? does this increase instability/rigidity ? thoughts? problems that might occur?


Anycubic_Kossel cooling_fan inverted kossel_mini
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Kossel Mini delta

by delslogos1974

So I got one of these and starting to love it but I want to upgrade the firmware. Mine has a Duet board first gen as this board dont have wifi. Can anyone help me find the up to date firmware for this great printer.

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I need help with my kossel delta xxxl firmware

by Melad

Hi how are you guys my delta 3d printer "kossel xxxl" 2.5:1 ratio.
I need some help with the firmware it doesn't work i tried marlins and default kossel and any cubic kossel and did not work.
Any help please.
i Built it the spics are:
stepper 0.9 degree
arduino mega 2560 ramps 1.4
the printer dimensions :
L 600 mm X W 600 mm X H 1250 mm

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