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Armies and models

by Gholland

Hi All,

What armies are we all playing?
What models do you have gaps in?

I am playing dwarves and am almost kitted out now

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3D Printed Foxmen Army

by Ilhadiel

Hi everyone!

I am an amateur 3D artist and a KoW fanboy, so I make a lot of content to fit into the game. In fact my whole Patreon page is fully about KoW armies! My first army list is done (I mean its kinda done, since I definitely gonna make some more models for them), what is a Foxmen army, that can be used as a Herd army. If you become a patron of me, (General or Warlord tier) you will have access to all of the units of the Foxmen. You can start print your own Herd army :) Here is my more detailed post on my Patreon about the Foxmen: https://www.patreon.com/posts/about-foxmen-30771503

I added a few picture about my own printed and shitty painted army :)

Ps.: My next big project is gonna be a Varangur army, that is already started. You can read more details about them too in the linked post!

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