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Kudo3d support forum

by Gadgetman

Har anyone been able to successfully log into the support forums over on Kudo3d.com the last month?
Besides whoever pretends to work at the company, that is...
Any time I try to log in(Yes, I have an account on the forum, not just on the commercial site) I'm told that it's and invalid password or wrong username.
I use the 'forgotten password' link, and it confirms that it found an account with my email address and offers to send a password reset email. This email never arrives.
I've tried setting up a new account using one of my alternate emails, but it stops as I never get the confirmation email.
No, the emails are NOT stopped by my spam filter. I manage my own server, and have full access to the emails stopped in the filter.
I even tried to use my work email, since that's on a different server and domain, but no luck there, either.

Using the 'contact us' link on the website got a response that shows that they don't really read the messages.
I PMed them from Kickstarter(Since my printer was bought through a KS) and the response there seems to indicate that the support staff can log in, and they don't understand the issue...

If no one has posted in the forum in over a month, isn't that a little bit strange?


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