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by tortoisehawk


I am a member of Knox Makers in Knoxville, Tennessee (United States). We have a laser cutter that our group built. We have made a habit of naming all the things, and a very generous donor was awarded the opportunity to name our laser cutter. He chose Goldfinger, for obvious reasons.

Here is what we are working with:

Goldfinger is a Buildog.net 2.x Laser that uses LinuxCNC. It cuts the things, and we are most grateful for this. Currently trying to figure out raster images, but vector works like a charm.

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Safety goggles?

by maddash1337

Hey there,
I bought a 15w 450nm Laser from china and have simple cheap safety goggles. But I am not feeling really conftable with it. So can anyone recommend me a good one?

laser safety safety goggles
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PLA! is it safe inside the K40 laser cutter

by pidcat

Is PLA safe to use for K40 mods?
I'm setting up my new K40 laser engraver/cutter and have printed a few mods for it already ie: Exhaust and fan housings but i've read a couple of items noting that it can get too hot for PLA and there is a very serious fire risk. I have got PETG but the PLA prints are already done. I would appreciate some knowledgable advice on this.

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New Here I have a 50W laser

by cncjim4

Hi I am new here I have a cheap Chinese 50W laser. Cheap as lasers go but not cheap for my budget.
But I do enjoy learning and burning things with it.

Have made a few upgrades like a water cooler using a small frig pump , cpu radiator with fans and a thermostat to control water temp.
Added lighting, an exhaust fan, some weather stripping to seal the crack around the door to help to keep the smoke going in the right direction (outside).
Kind of a odd place to find laser people here at a plastic place. I also have a Anet a8 that is how I found Thingiverse in the first place.

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