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by tortoisehawk


I am a member of Knox Makers in Knoxville, Tennessee (United States). We have a laser cutter that our group built. We have made a habit of naming all the things, and a very generous donor was awarded the opportunity to name our laser cutter. He chose Goldfinger, for obvious reasons.

Here is what we are working with:

Goldfinger is a Buildog.net 2.x Laser that uses LinuxCNC. It cuts the things, and we are most grateful for this. Currently trying to figure out raster images, but vector works like a charm.

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Connecting 5500mW Chinese Laser to Ramps 1.4

by lullaby88

Hello everybody,

I just got my first laser for my MPCNC and I am struggeling to connect it.
There is a 3pin connector and a 2pin connector.
The red one has a +12V, -12V and TTL/A Pin
The white connector has -TTL and A+ on it.

Now both 12V Pins go to the power for extruder or heatbed on the RAMPS (D9, I think this is)
But what about TTL? This, as far as I know, should go to Pin 44 and is 5V.
But what pin should I use? Is it the TTL on the red connector? But this could be 12V.
The white Pin could be TTL 5V and Grd. Should I use that one?

Thanks for your help!

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Laser cutting acrylic - what machine to use?

by aprilla

I really like the edge lit acrylic signs I'm seeing here and would like to know what sort of laser cutter can do these. I'd like to be able to cut through 3mm clear cast acrylic, as well as etch it. I've been looking around, reading a lot, and I know the K40 machines are too involved for my hobby use - are there other, maybe simpler laser cutters or other machines that could do what I want?

Update - I bought a 40W C02 laser cutter, fingers are crossed. Thanks for the comments, they helped me make up my mind

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Safety goggles?

by maddash1337

Hey there,
I bought a 15w 450nm Laser from china and have simple cheap safety goggles. But I am not feeling really conftable with it. So can anyone recommend me a good one?

laser safety safety goggles
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Verifying Diode Laser Wattage

by PicoPlanetDev

I have recently assembled an Elekslaser-A3 Pro with a supposedly 5W laser diode from Ebay. It works very well for engraving and cutting paper, but cardboard and up requires many passes. Is there a guideline for these lasers, like "5W laser at full power and speed X should cut through Y in Z passes? Also, when I run it in weak laser mode to focus it, its "dot" is a rectangle about 4mm wide by 2 tall. When it is cutting, though, the dot is much more focused. Is my weak laser mode too weak?

Thanks in advance for your help!

elekslaser Eleksmaker_a3 laser laser_cutter
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