Connecting 5500mW Chinese Laser to Ramps 1.4

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Hello everybody,

I just got my first laser for my MPCNC and I am struggeling to connect it.
There is a 3pin connector and a 2pin connector.
The red one has a +12V, -12V and TTL/A Pin
The white connector has -TTL and A+ on it.

Now both 12V Pins go to the power for extruder or heatbed on the RAMPS (D9, I think this is)
But what about TTL? This, as far as I know, should go to Pin 44 and is 5V.
But what pin should I use? Is it the TTL on the red connector? But this could be 12V.
The white Pin could be TTL 5V and Grd. Should I use that one?

Thanks for your help!

The one I have is connected to 12V and GND on the one hand and the TTL works so that if you don't connect the TTL pins the laser turns on and if you short-circuit the TTL pins it turns off, then I had to make a circuit with a transistor PNP and NPN to be able to adapt it.
It can be done so that you have the strusor and the laser at the same time

pins are 44 for PMW and 40 for enable, with marlin 2.1

If you need it, can I upload the circuit? (It is very simple) and the code for the laser is complicated to serve you



define SPINDLE_LASER_ACTIVE_HIGH true // Set to "true" if the on/off function is active HIGH

define SPINDLE_LASER_PWM true // Set to "true" if your controller supports setting the speed/power

define SPINDLE_LASER_PWM_INVERT false // Set to "true" if the speed/power goes up when you want it to go slower

define SPINDLE_LASER_POWERUP_DELAY 1 // (ms) Delay to allow the spindle/laser to come up to speed/power

define SPINDLE_LASER_POWERDOWN_DELAY 1 // (ms) Delay to allow the spindle to stop