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Lego for visually impaired

by rogerbr9999

I created in a site donation request to make the Lego pieces for visually impaired people in Brazil and deliver the children directly - if it could divulge gratefulness. https://www.vakinha.com.br/vaquinha/pecas-tipo-lego-para-criancas-com-deficiencia-visual

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Best way to make lego compatible components

by benjaminapetersen

Greetings! Curious who has already experimented with making lego compatible components. I'm guessing there is a small margin of error for parts that would snap together well. Any recommended ways to get started? Curious especially about parts to add to minifigures, such as custom hair/head parts. For example, there is a lego star wars bib fortuna that has a custom head with the tentacles. Hard to find as its not longer being produced, but im guessing it would be possible to DIY print the parts to make something like that. Also curious to know if anyone has good ideas for filament that matches actual lego color. This is prob less important if not trying to make a part for a minifigure.

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You like Lego, I like Lego, we all scream for Lego!

by thinkpool

Ok maybe not scream....
Hello all master builders, this is a call out to the great Lego designers >> I need help.
This is your chance to design the greatest Lego pieces and showcase your talent. I'm designing new product lines for Lego and need assistance in putting a viable product together. If you can make simple 3D Lego blocks and want to be part of history than join this project.
If any money is received from the project, it will be distributed to the team.
Lets put more smiles on earth :)

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