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Great designs for demo prints?

by ceepersdee

Hi everyone - I lead weekly basic 3D instruction workshops and have been cycling through the demo prints that came loaded on our MakerBots and I'm getting a little bored! Does anyone know some great 15-20 minutes prints that make good demos? Thanks!

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3D model challenge thread!

by tortoisehawk

Anyone want to play?

I used to haunt messageboards back in my youth, and some of them were creative forums like for poetry. One of my favorite things about those communities were challenge games, which helped bring people together and gave us a peer based excuse to hone our skills around fun group exercises.

My idea for this thread is similar to "last to post" forum games that were and still are very popular, for those who also have messageboard haunts with casual settings.

Please jump in no matter your experience. A great starter tool for modeling for 3D printing is one of Autodesk's suite of apps:


If you need help getting into 3d modeling or getting past an obstacle, check out the "3d modeling thread" here:


If someone here will be bold with me, here are the rules:

  1. Look at the last post with a link to a public Thingiverse model in this thread.
  2. Look at the challenge they have posted under their link.
  3. Be the first to post a 3d model that accepts their challenge, and include a challenge for the next person.

Challenges can be anything, but let's allow for creative interpretation or even just "inspired by" entries. Try not to make a challenge too hard, but also, don't be afraid to take on a creative interpretation of a challenge if a literal challenge seems too difficult at the time.

I'll start it off with just a simple example:

Superheroes. Make me something related to superheroes somehow, and include a challenge or theme for the next person!

Put on your capes, supergang, let's have some fun while populating our database of Things here!

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3D modeling help

by tortoisehawk

Are you stuck on a 3d modeling project or are you looking for help getting into 3d modeling for 3d printing?

Ask away and someone in our community will help!

Please be patient as the Libraries and Librarians messageboard is still growing.

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3D Printing Demonstration Success

by bkjpl

We had our library's first public demonstration of 3D printing last Thursday and it was a resounding success. We had at least 30 people show up with oh so many questions.

The demonstration consisted mostly of me printing one of the example/test prints and giving a play by play of what was happening all while explaining the names of the various bits of the machine and how it all worked. We also had a camera and a projector so we could show everyone what was going on up close by zooming in with the camera and projecting its view onto the wall. We gave out free sample objects and we passed around several example objects showing different textures and different print qualities. I had about 50 photos showing some of the various objects we've printed including a few objects designed by students in the workshop we've been running as part of a grant these last few months.

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3D model collabs

by tortoisehawk

Hey, all! I hope this is OK to post.

So, I am just learning about 3D printing and modeling myself. I am also not a library science student or library professional. I joined this group as a Makerspace member who is erratically active in exploring partnered programs with some awesome local libraries in my neck of the woods. And, we have a number of library professionals here who well exceed my own 3D printing experience.

But, I like to tinker and I know we may have some library students and library pros who are just getting into it.

I wanted to start this thread for 3D model collabs in general. If anyone would like to collaborate or has any requests, I will personally do my best. If you already have experience and we get this thread jumping, please feel free to jump in, too.

I uploaded four of my models that might be useful for library purposes.

One is a set of Scratch dice blocks that can be used to play a fun game. A goal would be to create a unique Scratch game or other Scratch program using the lines of code that a patron rolls on the dice.

Two models are blank templates for workshop badges that I made. Over time, I varied the basic rectangle, but these can be fun starters. Patrons can even add their own text to make their own custom badges. One is for a refrigerator magnet. Refrigerator magnets are common in the United States, and this model speaks to that trend with a spirit of another modern trend: unlocked achievements in some video games. Glue a magnet on the back and a patron can proudly display the knowledge and experience from a workshop in their kitchen for friends and family to see. The other template model is similar, but is for a sewable badge to sew onto clothing or apparel.

Last, I added a Pi pendant, because maths. These are small and fun trinkets to print out.

Feel free to remix any of these for your purposes. If anyone wants help, don't hesitate and I'll try to bumble through advice. Or maybe someone with more exp will help us out.

If anyone wants to collab projects, let's go for it! If anyone has unique requests for custom models, I would be happy to try to mock something up.

Best journeys and make on!

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