Great designs for demo prints?

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Hi everyone - I lead weekly basic 3D instruction workshops and have been cycling through the demo prints that came loaded on our MakerBots and I'm getting a little bored! Does anyone know some great 15-20 minutes prints that make good demos? Thanks!

It's been a while so I don't know if you're still looking for something but these superhero keychains take about 10-15 minutes without a raft and 15-20 with one. They are pretty popular with kids and adults.


Superhero Keychains

I've been printing the Mr. Jaws and Nut and Bolt prints from the built in menu most often. People seem to like the utility of Mr. Jaws the chip bag holder. I've also printed several of the bracelets. Other than that there are these Low Poly Pokemon which take only 45 min to print on lower quality settings.

I'm looking for some Star Wars themed quick prints myself as giveaways for our library's annual Star Wars Day next weekend. I might troll some folks by printing the a copy of the star trek com badge...

Yes, Mr. Jaws is useful and fun. I'd love to print the Low Poly Pokemon but I'm not sure I have time. Might try the little 8-bit anatomical heart since we're a health science library though!

You are kinda evil a little, you do know that, right? Haha..


I don't know about a great print but here's a Pi mini pendant with a chain or necklace hole I made:


This can be scaled larger or smaller. You might be able to get away with printing off a small handful in about 20 minutes depending on your printer. We could shave off some height and try to figure out if they'd still be sturdy enough as pendants. Let me know if you like these and want help resizing or modifying them.

Pi Pendant

Thanks! This is great - we usually only print one thing and give it away as a "prize" for answering a trivia question so we only need to print one. I work at a science library so this would be relevant! :)

If you print it, be sure and take a pic and post it! I'd love to see how it turns out for you. I also have some blank template designs like badges (larger, take longer) and guitar picks (much smaller, easier to print a whole batch all at once). These can be fun educational templates to start with. I have learners import into Tinkercad and add their own graphics/text like their name and etc. Let me know if you would like more help or want to collab on anything, I am generally always down to collab. Best wishes!