3D model challenge thread!

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Anyone want to play?

I used to haunt messageboards back in my youth, and some of them were creative forums like for poetry. One of my favorite things about those communities were challenge games, which helped bring people together and gave us a peer based excuse to hone our skills around fun group exercises.

My idea for this thread is similar to "last to post" forum games that were and still are very popular, for those who also have messageboard haunts with casual settings.

Please jump in no matter your experience. A great starter tool for modeling for 3D printing is one of Autodesk's suite of apps:


If you need help getting into 3d modeling or getting past an obstacle, check out the "3d modeling thread" here:


If someone here will be bold with me, here are the rules:

  1. Look at the last post with a link to a public Thingiverse model in this thread.
  2. Look at the challenge they have posted under their link.
  3. Be the first to post a 3d model that accepts their challenge, and include a challenge for the next person.

Challenges can be anything, but let's allow for creative interpretation or even just "inspired by" entries. Try not to make a challenge too hard, but also, don't be afraid to take on a creative interpretation of a challenge if a literal challenge seems too difficult at the time.

I'll start it off with just a simple example:

Superheroes. Make me something related to superheroes somehow, and include a challenge or theme for the next person!

Put on your capes, supergang, let's have some fun while populating our database of Things here!