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Motorcycle Emblems?

by jdirks

Hello! I'm wanting to make some custom emblems for my motorcycle and I need someone who could do the 3D rendering for me. It's a very simple design, Just font really. I have a friend who will print it for me but doesn't do any design himself. So the Files below are the basic design. For the Yamaha It would be just the lettering with slightly beveled edges. See the Majesty Picture for an example.

And the Cafe Racer 750 would be raised lettering on a flat background. See the Honda Picture for an example.

If anyone would be willing to help me with this that would be awesome!

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Logo request please .. Thanks

by SaBoTaGe6

It's the the pic with the ō.. http://www.essentialoilclassroom.com/eoblog.php?controller=pjLoad&action=pjActionView&id=7

And this with the ō in the drop

And This minus the wellness advocate and can the letters be thicker and all somehow connected ?? http://media.doterra.com/us/en/images/logo/doterra-wellness-advocate-black.jpg

Thanks a lot and I can't wait to see them !! Once again thanks !!

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logo request

by mlbuxbaum

Where can I post a photo of the logo jpeg that I need converted to an stl file?

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