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Thing 50...

by mgleite


I just put my 49 "thing" here at Thingiverse and I would like to do something nice for you guys. I wanted suggestions for my number 50 thing because it's a milestone I was not thinking of achieving with my modest voxels. You can send me a private message with your suggestions. I will open the deadline until September 24 at 23:59 GMT-3

Greetings everyone

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Scavengers Wargame System and Miniatures

by mgleite

Dear Makers, Players and "Wargamers"

I'm finally after a long time working, launching a miniature´s wargame system, encouraged by other projects and a personal desire to have something I could share with the community. I've always wanted to make a system with miniatures, but I do not have the gift of sculpture and I can not afford to sculpt them.

So I decided to appeal to voxels and 3D printers to accomplish this my project. My idea is to start with a basic set of rules, with a background rich in stories and characters. I also intend to release free minis for you to download, print and play.

The name of the game is Scavengers and with a fantastic and steampunk background. I will be posting a number of game ideas, rules, and scenarios, with all player support. I hope to be able to lead the way and find a receptive community with ideas to improve all the work. I invite everyone initially to visit my Thingiverse profile and have fun with the game. The ground rules will be released in the second week of June and I hope everyone downloads it and plays it!

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War Beasts for Scavengers Wargame

by mgleite

War beasts rules for Scavengers Wargame! Mamutus and Trartak!

Download at https://goo.gl/8F6XUe

Download the models here:

Mamutus - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2355834

Trartak - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353700

Download Scavengers Wargame:

Download our minis:

Have Fun!

Mamutus - Human War Mammoth for Scavengers Wargame
by mgleite
Trartak - Orc War Triceratops for Scavengers Wargame
by mgleite
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Scavengers Miniature Wargame Released!

by mgleite

Hi Guys,

Follow the link, go to download folder and have fun!


Doubts, comments, please drop a message


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Encyclopedia Belicosa - A Magazine for Scavengers

by mgleite

Dear Players, how are you?

My name is Manoel Garcia ( I posted a lot of models here in Thingiverse...) and as you guys, I am a wargames player, both from miniatures and the old hex and counters boardgames. For years I had the opportunity to play several well-known titles (the list is huge) to amuse myself enough. I also had the influence of big electronic titles, and then I started to develop a system of my own for a few years now.

"One more system ..." you are thinking this way, I say this because it is what pops my head right now. There are so many systems today in the market, right? Lots of commercial and lots of free stuff that you get lost in so many options. But anyway I decided to launch the system because I have some things in my head that I would like to share with everyone. It is the desire of the creator of anything to expose the public to their work and so I decided to do this.

Scavengers is a game that passes in a world different from ours, with a mixture of magic, steampunk, and lots of history. I did not mention it, but I love writing, and during this time I designed the system, I wrote a lot of lore that I intend to put together with the game, My native language is not English but Portuguese (I was born in Portugal) and I'm translating / Locating all this material for English.

The game was designed thinking in skirmishes combats, small groups of warriors who are fighting each other in pursuit of a larger goal. I have added to this some characteristics that I will present here:

  • System based on 6-sided dices;
  • Live system, constantly expanding and with rules entry and new game supplements
  • 1/100 scale (15mm can be used as well)
  • 3D print miniatures available for free
  • Movement system using tape measure or hexes grid
  • Action cards to increase the aspects of gameplay
  • Simple rules that allow the novice player to enter in an easy way in the game and advanced rules system for the more experienced.
  • 2 initial factions: humans and orcs

The game is being released with two initial booklets

  • Core rules, the basic rules of the game that cover the primary aspects of gameplay
  • Encyclopedia Belicosa - Official Magazine with supplementary information that will contain: additional rules, game factions, stories and a whole series of information for the player Belicosa will be launched regularly as if it were "a magazine" for the game. (By the way, we will accept collaborations)

One point I did not mention is that the game is free, you can download, distribute and play (but you can not sell it!). My wish is that one day, release a printed deluxe version. (If the players like the game, who knows?)

Plans exist and many, but what would come after this first moment? It depends a lot on what the community will do and say. Some points that are already underway:

  • War Machines rules- Steam Tanks, Beasts, and Airships
  • Three new factions: undead (Geists), dwarves (Dvalin) and elves (Alfir)
  • Forum and a player community
  • A site with its own internet domain and with more resources.

In this moment I´m releasing the "number 0" of Encyclopedia Belicosa I invite everyone to download our magazine on: http://voxelminis.blogspot.com.br/p/lore.html.

I am waiting for your feedback and participation. Scavengers will be released at next 06/27, for download! Keep in touch!

Best Regards

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