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Last 12 hours for ORC Tusklands Kickstarter!!!

by rocketpiggames

We have unlocked dozens of Stretch Goals and more by the end! Download the FREE goblin hound miniature and our PDF sourcebook sample!!!

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by Davision3d

I made some special designs with the main units to put them on my chest. I made them available here: https://shop.spreadshirt.de/TocoGames

Shirts T-shirt
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Thing 50...

by mgleite


I just put my 49 "thing" here at Thingiverse and I would like to do something nice for you guys. I wanted suggestions for my number 50 thing because it's a milestone I was not thinking of achieving with my modest voxels. You can send me a private message with your suggestions. I will open the deadline until September 24 at 23:59 GMT-3

Greetings everyone

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Scavengers Wargame System and Miniatures

by mgleite

Dear Makers, Players and "Wargamers"

I'm finally after a long time working, launching a miniature´s wargame system, encouraged by other projects and a personal desire to have something I could share with the community. I've always wanted to make a system with miniatures, but I do not have the gift of sculpture and I can not afford to sculpt them.

So I decided to appeal to voxels and 3D printers to accomplish this my project. My idea is to start with a basic set of rules, with a background rich in stories and characters. I also intend to release free minis for you to download, print and play.

The name of the game is Scavengers and with a fantastic and steampunk background. I will be posting a number of game ideas, rules, and scenarios, with all player support. I hope to be able to lead the way and find a receptive community with ideas to improve all the work. I invite everyone initially to visit my Thingiverse profile and have fun with the game. The ground rules will be released in the second week of June and I hope everyone downloads it and plays it!

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War Beasts for Scavengers Wargame

by mgleite

War beasts rules for Scavengers Wargame! Mamutus and Trartak!

Download at https://goo.gl/8F6XUe

Download the models here:

Mamutus - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2355834

Trartak - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353700

Download Scavengers Wargame:

Download our minis:

Have Fun!

Mamutus - Human War Mammoth for Scavengers Wargame
by mgleite
Trartak - Orc War Triceratops for Scavengers Wargame
by mgleite
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