Metal Build Plate

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Recently, we tried to mimic Zortrax's aluminum, micro-perforated build plate on our TAZ5. The perforated aluminum plate we've used (as a topper to the borosilicate glass and heating element) has thus far been a spectacular failure, with nothing sticking to it, instead gathering up on the nozzle despite at least a half-dozen z-axis adjustments. Has anyone else tried modifying the build plate of the TAZ?

I went to Home Depot and bought a plate of glass about .125" in thickness and clamp it on top of my existing glass heat plate using office clips and I have never had a moments trouble with this method.

I went with just a piece of 3/16" aluminum plate glued the heat bed to the bottom then got a piece of buildtak. I find I have to level the center of the bed a lot more than I did before,but I have no issues with warping or parts sticking and breaking the glass anymore.