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There didn't seem to be a LulzBot owners group on Thingiverse so I set one up, everyone is welcome to join.

I have no affiliation with LulzBot themselves beyond owning the LulzBot Mini as my first 3D printer.

Anyone replaced the PEI surface? I had a PETG print stick to my surface to hard that it tore when I got the part off. I've since replaced the PEI but have some air pockets. Initially the surface was put on without any large trapped air pockets but after a few weeks of use, the bubble seem to have grown.

I probably did not get it on well to start with but I tried my best. It cost $40 to get a sheet and took a ton of effort to clean the glass of the adhesive when I pulled the old sheet off.

What should I have done? Is there a good way to get the PEI off cleanly? Is there a way to get it back on where you can actually get it done without bubbles?

I bought my taz 5 during the black Friday sale. I did the initial rocktopus print and it came out pretty amazing, almost exactly like the test print included with the printer. I used cura lulzbot edition and scaled it down 50% to be able to print it fully with the included filament.

Any suggestions on prints or adjustments to improve and protect this beautiful machine?

Only thing I have had to do with my Lulzbot Mini is give the print bed a quick clean every few prints with rubbing alcohol.
Keeps your print bed clean and helps future prints stick to the surface for best print results.

Adjustments wise, the defaults are pretty good for most prints. Usually on thingiverse you'll see suggested printing settings in the descriptions. Be sure to read them and the comments for any additional suggestions and you'll get great prints most of the time.

Only had a couple of failures but that was my fault for not enabling supports in Cura before printing. Nothing the Lulzbot has done has caused a failure in about a year now and still going strong.

The LulzBot mini is my first fully operational 3D printer.

Same here, worked straight out of the box and been building ever since without trouble.

Tried the DiVinci printer originally, didn't end well and had to be returned for poor build quality.