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Not too long now.

by DGGrant

I just got my finalization email. I am told that it will still be a few weeks before I receive the printer.

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Mechanical binding for multi-material

by cwimsatt

Would love to use Crane to print multi-material parts, ABS-R3 or such for stiff section and TGH 115A for flexible/softer outer layer (e.g. wearables). On Discord, Marmani suggested mechanical approach:
"I do not recommend printing tough with non tough materials unless you are intending to mechanically anchor the tough (dovetail or inlay design) because it is almost like support material in that it doesn't bond to the material it will extrude with."
Here's a pair of models designed to be printed on two separate extruders (Crane or other multi-extruder printer) to test the concept.

Multi material interlocking test cube
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