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So, who is your supplier? We are keen to hear about your experiences with filaments.ca, voxelfactory, and whoever else you know about.

Filament.ca has zero costumer service I think that Ron guy just doesn't care . most of the time they have everything in stock but what you need!

f*k, i just wrote a good overview of all the brands i tried and this site messed it up (it even didn't copy and Paste it!)... oh well.

New player selling pretty good priced industrial filament made here (i think?) ($34 for special local filament is decent considering the known brand name stuff). http://www.inksmith.ca/inksmithfilaments/

Moral is i have tried filaments.ca to boots industries, amz3d to seacans and some ebay suppliers in toronto. in the end they all print the same, i can't say for testing strengh but they all print well, don't jam, sick to the bed and calibrate fine (nothing out of the norm in terms of overhangs, bridging etc...). Except my filaments.ca ABS is permanently brittle and most likely manufactured wrong. oven doesn't fix it, i have two spools the same (different color), it does print and i don't use a long PTFE tube so it should be ok sorta :). use cheaper stuff like seacans, prints perfectly. Name of the game is lowest price. stuff on amazon prints fine too, just like any other that claim superior... it's all nearly the same at this point in the industry.

There seems to be a problem with the link.

I've been using Voxel for the past few years. Good service and prices.

There is also materio3d, they are base in Longueil area, they only have pla it more pricey then what you pay for though amazon or some other china vender, But its made right here in Canada which is great! the filament is rather good. if you visited Voxel you probably seen the stack of materio3d filaments on the long table. they also sell direct from their website finally hahah .

Good to hear. Thank you.