Hot End Suppliers in Canada

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Can anyone recommend a supplier of hot-end and other replacement parts who ships from Canada? I hate dealing with customs.


I know it's been a while since your post but I thought the link would be useful anyway.

This is in Calgary. A friend and I have gotten a few orders from them for parts and filament. They have been good, reasonable price, fast shipping.

I just recently ordered mosfets and new heater, I was having issues with the extruder holding temperature. Back up and running now.

Surrey BC

Thor3D, Canadian MakerBot Distributor ...Sculpture Supply Canada - plaster, silicone, carving stones ...Theresa few more ill have to lookagain for ya but its a start

Thanks! I will give those a try

Interesting sites but none had the part I needed.
Eventually found that Voxel Factory carried them: http://www.voxelfactory.com/collections/reprap-parts-prusa-i3-others/products/j-head-mk-vb-hotend

sweet thanks ill check them out .. I have a flashforge with more mods then a Honda civic lol... check out www.filaments.ca ive been using them a lot I order every week takes two days to get shipment and everytime I order I always get discount codes ....and not one problem with with any roll.

theres a few places in Ontario where your from we also found one in sk

Actually I'm from BC. But ON or SK would be fine as long as I can order to be shipped. Do you have shop name or URL you can share? Google has not been all the useful just using general search terms.