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Replicator Mini Cooling Fan Help

by Chedwards


I have a Replicator Mini first gen at work that hasn't been used for at least two years and its been giving me some problems with the filament cooling fan. I updated the firmware and it prints with both the Makerbot Print and Simplify3d. The printer doesn't cool filament when specified in either software although it will turn on randomly when using Makerbot Print. I've checked the fan and its connected internally also works when connected to another supply. Has anyone else had an issue with the cooling fan not turning on when it should?

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ABS filament compatibility

by bikerider

Can anyone tell me if I can use this (https://store.makerbot.com/filament/abs-large/#TrueRed) on a makerbot smart extruder or an experimental extruder?

ABS makerbot
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Makerbot 2 - worth getting for $450?

by alpokemon

I found a used Makerbot 2 (2012 era Gen 2?) - is it even worth the money at this point in time? Supposedly it is in good condition and well maintained, but newer cheaper printers can do 50 micron layers. Thoughts? Thanks!

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3D printer.

by jbs

design and post a 3D printer that can be printed

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