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MakerBot Print 2.7:Experimental Settings and Custom Print Modes

by MakerBot

Hello all, and welcome to MakerBot Labs!

Make sure you check out our new version of MakerBot Print with new features to support the Experimental Extruder.
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MakerBot Print version 2.7 exposes more advanced slicer settings (35+ more settings!) to help you tune prints for different materials and draft printing. To expose these settings make sure you are connected to a printer that has an Experimental Extruder attached and that you have that printer selected. Experimental settings are tagged with an Experimental Extruder icon. Learn more about how to expose these settings: https://support.makerbot.com/learn/makerbot-labs/experimental-extruder/exposing-custom-settings_13660.

This version of MakerBot Print also adds the ability to create custom print modes. To create a custom print mode select a default print mode, name your print mode and press the + button. Make any changes you would like and click "Save Print mode". Custom print modes can be exported and imported for easy sharing within the MakerBot Labs community. If a custom print mode contains Experimental Extruder settings it will also be badged with an Experimental Extruder Icon (screenshot attached). Learn more about custom print modes: https://support.makerbot.com/learn/makerbot-labs/custom-print-modes/custom-print-modes_13654.

We can't wait to see your experimental extruder print modes and prints!

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Custom Print modes

by MakerBot

MakerBot Print 2.7 allows for the creation and easy sharing of custom print modes.

Here are some custom print modes created by thingiverse users for colorFabb special filaments and for draft printing with PLA.

Attached are:
maikagm's ColorFabb woodFill profile
colorFabb's copperFill profile
Thor3D's draft PLA profile
enlightenme3's draft PLA profile
colorFabb's bronzeFill profile
inspector_number_555's corkFill profile

Print profiles attached. Download them and import into MakerBot Print 2.7 !

Material:colorFabb bronzeFill Material:colorFabb copperFill Material:colorFabb corkFill Material:colorFabb woodFill Material:MakerBot PLA Nozzle:0.6mm brass Nozzle:0.6mm stainless steel Nozzle:0.8mm brass
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.2mm Nozzle with the Experiemental?

by alpokemon

Is there such thing as a .2mm setting for the Experimental Extruder and has anyone printed successfully with it?

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Large Spool Adapter for MakerBot Replicator Mini+

by makerwiz

We made this attractive adapter for using large spools with the MakerBot Replicator Mini+. Enjoy!


Large Spool Adapter for MakerBot Replicator Mini+
filament_spool_holder makerbot replicator mini+
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Print Settings

by nskrotzki

Hello all! I'm trying to get started using Bronzefill with the Experimental Extruder on a Replicator +, when I begin a print with it, the print head is very far away from the print bed. I've done the Z Calibration for the extruder and it reports just fine. I've tried slowing the printer down, tried moving the Z-axis offset down, and no matter what I do, I can't get anything to stick to the plate right. If I use rafts, the first few times around doing the raft the printer is fine, but once it tries to make the roof for the base it won't work! I'd love to see what settings people are using to print with. I've downloaded the print mode files from here, but they don't seem to be working.

experimental_extruder makerbot_replicator_ MaterialColorFabb_BronzeFill Print_mode
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