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Carbon Fiber PLA Print Modes on Replicator+

by hjnorman

Does anyone have any experience or Print Modes they can share for Replicator+ w/ Carbon Fiber PLA? I’ve been printing with PLA/ABS in various MakerBot Replicators for years but this is my first try with a composite/embedded filament. The main issue I’m having is the print popping/warping/curling off the raft. The raft will stick to the printer bed fine but the body of the print will detach from the raft in one or two areas (not the entire model). I’ve tried adjusting the raft to model settings, print speeds, etc. but still having 1-2 small areas detaching due to curl/warp. I’m using the Experimental Extruder with the .6 steel nozzle. If anyone has experience or print modes they’ve successfully used with CF PLA, I would appreciate it!!

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Method X Max Extrusion Speed Firmware Limit

by EgemenErtem


I am printing with a custom made 0.8mm nozzle on my Method X, but the problem I am facing is the maximum extrusion speed seems to be limited by the firmware to 10.2mm/s for 200mm/s printing using 0.4mm nozzle. So, 200mm/s XY speed at with 0.4 nozzle is limited to about 50mm/s with a 0.8 nozzle. Good news is still, I managed to get twice as quick prints compared to my 5th Gen Replicator with 0.8 nozzle and fast settings.

Considering how well built Method is, I think this is well below the capability of the machine itself because I didn't get temperature fluctuations, layer shift or filament slip during my tests, and the extruder temperature was quite low as well. (Really love Method X!!!)

Increasing the "Filament Diameter" (same effect as lowering all extrusion multipliers), decreased the print time estimation. This suggests that the limiting factor is purely the extrusion feed rate. Modifying the feed rate from meta and toolpath hasn't speed it up as well.

I think currently E0 stepper is running at about 460 rpm, but putting light pressure on the filament doesn't stop it pulling the filament, so I think there is a margin of allowance there, which I am willing to play with:)

I would really appreciate your suggestions.

I would be happy to collaborate with MakerBot using a custom firmware with increased speed limit to try printing fast using a 0.8 nozzle.

Many thanks.

Kindest Regards,
Egemen Ertem

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Method X 20um Print settings and hardware mods

by jrw003

Our university just bought a Method X and it advertises that it can print 20um layers. I cannot seem to find anywhere in the documentation about how to achieve 50um or better resolution. Does anyone have mods and/or settings to make this printer do this? Any help is greatly appreciated! I have contacted support for the same but have not heard back from them yet. Also, is there a certain material that is better than the others that I may have to purchase to print in such resolutions?


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Can I print two different filaments on a Methox X?

by Calculon33

Trying to find out if this is possible, such as a harder filament and softer filament combination. From what I am seeing, the second extruder is only for support material. Thanks

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