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Printing with no filament in bays

by RichTrix

Hiya guys

I am having a bit of an issue. brought two MakerBot labs extruders for our method. Only takes one! Seriously MakerBot your onto a good thing! let us use two!

The problem I am having is I have my custom filament loaded through the AUX port I am only printing one material I do not want any support of any kind!
The method will not let me print as its saying its out of filament in the bays!!! I am hoping its something really silly I am missing

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Polymaker PolyMax™ PC Settings

by aaskedall

Printers Supported: Method X

Material Selected in MakerBot Print: PC-ABS

Support Material: SR-30

Print Mode: Balanced

Custom Settings:
Extruder 1 temp: 250C
Extruder 1 temp raft base: 250C
Extruder 1 Print Speed Floor Surface: 40 mm/s
Extruder 1 Speed Outlines: 50 mm/s
Chamber temp: 85C
Soluble support: change from tapered to column

Other Workflow Steps:
Caddy (material absorbs moisture)

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Need help creating printmode for 1.0 nozzle

by Dagrinder

I'm somewhat new to 3d printing and have a replicator 5th gen. Annd would like to do some prints with a 1.0 nozzle and not sure what settings to change. If someone could help me or has a printmode for 1.0 could you please share.

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Makerbot tough PLA with Experimental Extruder

by emcamposBR

Does anyone have printed Tough PLA with Experimental Extruder? Can you guys share the profile for the MakerBot Print?

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Z Axis Levelling

by 3D-Designs

I have a Makerbot Replicator+ 5th gen
I'm having issues with properly levelling the Z-Axis.
I've followed all the calibration steps with Z calibration and Z-Axis offset.
the calibration also references 2 points - back right and back centre.
The issue is when it prints, pretty much anywhere on the bed, I have adhesion issues some part stick some parts don't.
I've adjusted the Z-axis offset in increments, and I'm still having the same issue.
Is there a way of doing a Z calibration which uses more of the available points on the print bed? instead of just 2?
I'm printing with PLA straight onto the MakerBot print bed, this issues happens without or without a raft

Main issue

Prints don't adhere well to the print bed
I've adjusted Z-offset in increments still having the same issues
Is there an option for advanced Z Calibration which uses more points on the print bed?

makerbot makerbotreplicator printbed_adhesion printbed_levelling
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