Error message: messages.build.error.UnicodeDecodeError

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Request Help, new probleme :-(

Hello guys

I have a new problem. Since an update from Makerbot Print, or, Fusion 360, can not determine which application is the cause, when I hit the Estimates and print preview Icon, the Sclicing Preview command encounters the following error message:

! messages.build.error.UnicodeDecodeError (see Picture cut1)

When I start PRINTING, the following error message appears:
Print failed (see Pic cut2)
When I open an older stl file, which I created in fusion360 earlier, everything works.

Does anyone else have the same problem?
It must be due to an update of one of the two applications because it affects only recently released fusion 360 stl files!

Makerbot print and the replicator + make me desperate, clearly a bad buy
Thank you for your answers


Please, change the your part name. Does not like some of the characters in the filename. Similar situation happened with Turkish characters, it was fixed when I made the file name as part123.stl somethink like that.


Estou com este mesmo erro. Não descobri ainda, o erro aparece mesmo que eu visualize antes de imprimir, conforme a dica do Jankeberg.