LABS Extruder with Method and TPU

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Does anyone know if you can use TPU filament with the LABS extruder for Method? If so, do you have any settings that can be used as TPU is not listed in the slicer?


Yes, higher durometer (>90 Shore A) TPU's should work with the LABS extruder. I would recommend following the instructions for the TPU you are using for print temperature, keeping the chamber temperature low, 50C or less, slowing down all the print speeds to 20-40 mm/s, and raising the retraction distance a bit. TPU is generally moisture sensitive, so make sure your filament is as dry as you can get it, too. It will make a big difference in how much stringing you observe (if any).

I am currently playing with Ninjatek Armadillo and having pretty good success. I used the PETG profile with higher retraction rates (~4mm) as recommended for the SEBS 95A partner material. While I still get some oozing I think it's unavoidable given the the large melt zone in the extruder design. Large and rapid retracts typically cause more issues than they solve, at least in my experience with Prusa direct drive machines.

I would like to know if you or anyone else has any tips or pointers for further improving the printability and finish product in this configuration. I would ideally like to do some production runs with a high durometer TPU.