Labs Extruder Raftless printing?

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Hello All,
I recently purchased a Method X and a labs extruder. I also have a 5th Gen Replicator.
Seems you can adjust the z axis on the 5th gen in the utility settings but not the Method x.
I had success with raftless printing using this setting to as to fine tune my z axis closer to my build surface.
There must be a setting somewhere so I can do this with my new Method. Some help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.

So that parameter doesn't seem to be available in MBP or CloudPrint.

What you could experiment with is the Base Layer Surface Extrusion Volume Multiplier, or alternatively the Raft to Model Vertical Offset or Raft to Model Shell Vertical Offset. These may help take up some of the slop you might be seeing.

Remember METHOD's surface isn't nearly as flat as glass would be, especially across the full area of the build surface. The raft takes up that variability pretty well, at the expense of material and time of course.

Trying to get a raftless print in the Method X is like pulling teeth. Even when only using PLA. The bed itself isn't heated, so remember that. The CHAMBER is heated, which in turn heats up the bed, but that takes a very long time.

Their latest software release opened up a number of new options to mess with, especially when using a Labs extruder. I don't believe they give you just a base z offset to use, but slowing down that first layer will help as does bumping up the temp to a decent level. You will also need to use a glue stick to get it to adhere. I personally gave up on trying to print in my Method X without a raft. YOu can change the raft print settings to speed up that process quite a bit, so that's what I do.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Makerbot online support. They may be able to steer you better..

Thanks for the reply. I can understand why you gave up. It's very frustrating. I did reach out to makerbot support and they said there is no plan on make a z axis adjustment similar to that of replicator+.
I did find a work around. During an extruder calibration I changed the build tak on my plate. It's about. .3mm thick. Before I put the new Tak on I put the plate back in when it does the final bed measurement. I out 2 sheets of .1mm paper on top of it.
Took the build plate back out and replaced the Tak. Now it prints raftless. The bed needs to be leveled absolutely perfect but it works.

I found a new,, but very similar way to print raftless!

I also print heavily using an Ender 3 Pro. I had an extra PEI built plate for that printer so I decided to use it inside the Method X. I calibrated the extruders, and on the last step where you insert the build plate, I put the Creality PEI sheet on top of the build plate. This way, when it does that last Z axis calibration, it adjusts to the correct height.

I am now printing using PETG, raftless, and it's working beautifully! I'll have an amazing, smooth floor surface as well. I don't like the texture that a raft gives the bottom of prints.

I'm using a Labs extruder, and have set the raft to model and raft to model vertical offsets to zero. Other than that, I didn't have to make many changes to the default PETG settings. Oh, I also put the chamber temp to 65 for PETG.

Damn! That's quite clever!

Something they could actually fix that would aid in raftless printing would be for the damn prime tower to work as it should! If you tell it no raft, it doesn't prime the nozzle even when you have the tower checked off. If this small feature would work properly, printing raftless would be much easier.

I'm usually not in much of a hurry for my prints to finish and I also have a Ender 3 Pro in the office. I also work for a fortune 25 company and I seriously have 13 extruders and probably 30 rolls of nearly all of Makerbot model filament, PVA, and SR-30, along with a dissolve tank. So I'm not too concerned with material wasting. (I'm convinced Makerbot wants to make us buy and use their PVA, which is why they don't make raftless printing easier.)

I love your work around though! Did you just throw on a second, MakerBot build sheet onto the plate? Or did you order a different brand? I have 4 of their build plates, so I could set one up to work like yours did, along with a few Makerbot replacement sheets.

Now, if only they'd increase the size of the damn build box! It's ridiculous that I can fit larger items on a $200 printer, isn't it? SOOOO much space is wasted in that Method X.