Method X RAFTLESS printing made simple. Find out here.

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I found a new way to print raftless!

I also print heavily using an Ender 3 Pro. I had an extra PEI built plate for that printer so I decided to use it inside the Method X. I calibrated the extruders, and on the last step where you insert the build plate, I put the Creality PEI sheet on top of the build plate. This way, when it does that last Z axis calibration, it adjusts to the correct height.

I am now printing using PETG, raftless, and it's working beautifully! I'll have an amazing, smooth floor surface as well. I don't like the texture that a raft gives the bottom of prints.

I'm using a Labs extruder, and have set the raft to model and raft to model vertical offsets to zero. Other than that, I didn't have to make many changes to the default PETG settings. Oh, I also put the chamber temp to 65 for PETG.

This PEI bed/sheet is metallic, so it gets heated and also magnetically sticks to the Makerbot build plate. It's also flexible, so removing prints is easy.

I just finished up my first PETG, raftless print and it came out quite well! I had a tiny bit of under extrusion on the bottom surface, but that's probably due to not allowing the chamber temp to heat long enough. I will next try pausing the print so the PEI sheet has more time to get up to temp. Or, maybe I'll just bump it to 70c. Or use a glue stick. Adhesion otherwise was fantastic.

Hope this helps someone! Holler if you have any other questions.

Hey! Thanks for this info!