How do I fix Ultrafuse 316 prints coming out slightly magnetized

LABS Extruder magnetic method X Ultrafuse316L

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Ultrafuse 316L Filament is coming out to the Method X slightly magnetized. Along with this I am getting build up around the nozzle which could very well be related as the magnetized "boogers" attach to each other and the extruder. Has this happened to anyone else? Are there any fixes? I did check the filament itself and it is not magnetic before it gets printed.

As far as nozzle build up is concerned, this is normal according to the manufacturer. They recommend printing fully dense to ensure that no voids remain internal to your part. The result of this is that sometimes you get an accumulation of material on the nozzle; normally it comes of with a good brushing.

316L isn't inherently magnetic, but can have somewhat paramagnetic characteristics so it will respond to magnetic fields. And austenitic steels can get magnetized a small amount when subjected to operations like cold work or welding. It could be that the printing process itself could induce it. I have reproduced your finding, though, my as-printed 316L part are indeed magnetic. I can't speak for parts that have gone through the debind and sintering process, but I'll check.