Printmode for PET on Z18 w/ Experimental Extruder

by SALZ18

I use it with the standard 0.4mm nozzle and the BASF Ultrafuse PET filament. Makes nice and strong prints. Since the material shrinks a bit in the X and Y directions, I enlarge the part in these two axes to 100.6%. The shrinkage in the Z direction is negligible.

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Need help creating printmode for 1.0 nozzle

by Dagrinder

I'm somewhat new to 3d printing and have a replicator 5th gen. Annd would like to do some prints with a 1.0 nozzle and not sure what settings to change. If someone could help me or has a printmode for 1.0 could you please share.

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Makerbot tough PLA with Experimental Extruder

by emcamposBR

Does anyone have printed Tough PLA with Experimental Extruder? Can you guys share the profile for the MakerBot Print?

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Printing with makerbot ABS ?

by he55e

hello, I'm using makerbot replicator (5gen) with experimental extruder.
I bought a wrong filament long ago for an older makerbot machine made out of ABS 1,8
Connecting the experimental extruder did not give me extra custom settings as advertized …

I would like to know if ABS is an option and if yes where to find the correct settings.

thnaks in advance !

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Suggestion for Sunlu PLA Filament and Geetech Glow in the Dark

by In_Phill

Hello ,

I got very cheap the Filaments above and wanted to ask if anybody has experience with these producers and perhaps printmodes.
My setup is a Replicator 5th gen and exp. Extruder+
Thanks a lot and best wishes

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Custom Print Mode for D&D Miniatures

by danielkaplinski

I am struggling to set up my Replicator Mini+ for RPG minis. Does anyone have a print mode for this? or suggestion on how to configure the settings?

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Quality Replicator + with smart extruder

by Adeulofeu

Hello, I´m new with a replicator + and I have bad surface quality. Any know the custom printing model to have the same quality than 3D printer example

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Printing With TPE Filament...

by Ilya_shav

Hello All!
I have recently been attempting to print with flexible TPE filament using the experimental extruder on my Makerbot Replicator +. I am running into some issues with the material and would like to know if you all have had experience working with this filament and could provide some info to help me out. Here are some of the things I am doing currently:
-I set the setting to what was recommended by the manufacturer: (extruder temp and print speed)
-Set the retraction distance to 0
-Nozzle diameter: 0.6 mm Brass

I understand that flexible filaments in general are temperamental, but I am unsure what else I could change in order to get it to print properly

Filament: https://www.matterhackers.com/store/l/blue-pro-series-flex-175/sk/MFZXZ76K
Printing Temperature: 235°C
Filament Shore Hardness: 98A (50D) vs. NinjaFlex at 85A
Print Speed: 15 mm/s
Heated bed: 50 - 65°C
Elongation: 600%
True Diameter: 1.75 ± 0.02 mm

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Sudden problems with bronzeFill

by meier_werner

After making some successful prints with colorFabb bronze Fill (MakerBot Replicator mini+, experimental extruder, 0,6mm stainless steel nozzle, colorFabb bronzeFill profile from here) I encountered a huge problem just during a print.
Suddenly the "flow" of filament was very slow and and was kind of stalling. The remaining part of the print then was very fragile, like straw.
I found that the nozzle was congested. After cleaning it I had no problems printing woodfill or normal PLA. But when I tried to print with bronzeFill after a minute the nozzle was congested again and printing stopped.
Any idea what the reason could be? The first prints with bronzefill went flawlessly. I didn't change any settings. But after the "straw-incident" it is not possible to print with bronzeFill. I have no clue. Thanks in advance. (see Pictures of the print)

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