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Use this forum to upload and discuss your print modes. Specify material and nozzle type/size so that it’s easy for others to find your print mode. Learn more about MakerBot Labs.

The Experimental Extruder unlocks over 35 additional custom print settings in MakerBot Print to allow a user to further tune their prints. These settings are tied to the Experimental Extruder and can only be accessed when connected to a printer that has an Experimental Extruder attached. Learn more about how to expose these settings here.

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Custom Print modes

by MakerBot

MakerBot Print 2.7 allows for the creation and easy sharing of custom print modes.

Here are some custom print modes created by thingiverse users for colorFabb special filaments and for draft printing with PLA.

Attached are:
maikagm's ColorFabb woodFill profile
colorFabb's copperFill profile
Thor3D's draft PLA profile
enlightenme3's draft PLA profile
colorFabb's bronzeFill profile
inspector_number_555's corkFill profile

Print profiles attached. Download them and import into MakerBot Print 2.7 !

Material:colorFabb bronzeFill Material:colorFabb copperFill Material:colorFabb corkFill Material:colorFabb woodFill Material:MakerBot PLA Nozzle:0.6mm brass Nozzle:0.6mm stainless steel Nozzle:0.8mm brass
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Nylon PA6 with microcarbonfiber Filament

by cgy

We tested to print quite successfully nylon PA6 with micro-carbon filament. For printing on the Replicator + (pa6_c4_rep) and the Replicator Z18 (pa6_c4) we used amongst other things the MakerBot Experimental Extruder with a 0.4mm hardened Nozzle. You can find more information at: https://www.3d-edu.ch/nylon-pa6-mit-mikro-karbonfasern-mit-makerbot-drucken/
These print modes here are to serve you as a starting point. We would be happy about further improvements.

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by king121342

I need a print mode for ninjaflex. Does anybody have it?

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Printing Clear Parts

by rreal

I have been playing with ways to get a clear print so i can see what is going on mechanically inside a prototype i'm working on. Here is what I've had some luck with for getting clear prints. Anyone have better settings?

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.2mm Nozzle with the Experiemental?

by alpokemon

Has anyone used Experimental Extruder with a .2 or .35 mm nozzle and has anyone printed successfully with it?

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load filament that needs 250 degrees.

by jabf

Hello I'm testing with the Experimental Smart Struder and I don't see how to raise the temperature of the Struder to use materials that have a higher temperature, in this case 250 degrees Celsius.

I thank you all, greetings awaiting your experiences.

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Tip for printing with NinjaTek Cheetah

by NinjaTek3D

We have had some great success with printing our Cheetah material recently. I am going to share a few tips and tricks for getting a good print out of our flexible material.

First off for loading the material we do not recommend using the loading sequence. Simply heat up your extruder and pull out the previous filament then just push in Cheetah until you feel it bottom out on the nozzle. Listed below are settings you will need for a successful print.

Nozzle Diameter: .6 mm
Layer Height: .4 mm
Print Speed 20mm/s (10mm/s first layer)
Fan Speed: 50% (first layer 0)
Filament Diameter: 1.2-1.5( still playing with this setting in the new software)
Retraction speed: 20mm/s
Retraction Distance: 2mm

We have also found that changing the z-axis offset under calibration to -.5mm really helps to get a good solid first layer.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below!

cheetah flexible NinjaTek TPU
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Experimental Extruder & Replicator+ tested with SMARTFIL®

by SmartMaterials3d

We have tested SMARTFIL® Filaments by Smart Materials 3D in the Replicator+ by Makerbot and the final result are superb!.

Find attached the printing profiles for this printer model.

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Flame Retardant ABS through Z18 w/ Experimental Extruder

by ADI3DPrinter


We are just now running ABS through our Z18 using the experimental extruder. We do not have a heated build plate. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions for the best print results.

As we progress I will try to post our results and settings to help others out. Thanks!!

The material we are using is: https://www.3dxtech.com/firewire-flame-retardant-abs-filament/

ABS Experimental experimental_extruder Firewire flame retardant Nozzle:0.6mm stainless steel Z18
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I am trying a print with .8 nozzle, can anyone post settings?

by klysons

I am using the new Experimental Extruder.
I am attempting this basically blind, if anyone has had luck can you share settings?
I am printing an open box with no lid, raft, tried draft and min fill, both failed on the raft.
I am now trying after z-offset +.10 and will go from there

Material:MakerBot PLA Nozzle:0.8mm brass
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