Tip for printing with NinjaTek Cheetah

cheetah flexible NinjaTek TPU

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We have had some great success with printing our Cheetah material recently. I am going to share a few tips and tricks for getting a good print out of our flexible material.

First off for loading the material we do not recommend using the loading sequence. Simply heat up your extruder and pull out the previous filament then just push in Cheetah until you feel it bottom out on the nozzle. Listed below are settings you will need for a successful print.

Nozzle Diameter: .6 mm
Layer Height: .4 mm
Print Speed 20mm/s (10mm/s first layer)
Fan Speed: 50% (first layer 0)
Filament Diameter: 1.2-1.5( still playing with this setting in the new software)
Retraction speed: 20mm/s
Retraction Distance: 2mm

We have also found that changing the z-axis offset under calibration to -.5mm really helps to get a good solid first layer.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below!

these look quite awesome! I think i may try out some.

Thanks! We are excited to see what the community will create!

DO you have any printmodes the community can test?




Just received the new extruder Friday. We are looking to have the printmodes set up in the new few days!


Any updates on a printmode? Would love to try again!