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I need a print mode for ninjaflex. Does anybody have it?

I have used ninjaflex with a rep 2x and the settings that worked for me were:

Extrude Temp: 230C
Bed Temp: 30-40C
Speed: 10-20mm/sec
Infill: 90-100%

We had some infill issues when we did start to experiment with less infill. The linear pattern infill lead to issues with our prints, but the default hexagonal pattern worked great.

Did you do this with stand rep 2x parts? I have had a lot of problems with loading filament.

I did use standard rep 2x parts. Rarely have had issues with loading and unloading unless temperature is set too high, also if there is too much ABS/PLA in the line that can make it harder to load as well. Paperclip purge before loading might help.

I am looking for the same thing, any luck?

Also looking for some feedback on using ninjaflex. Has anyone attempted this?