.2mm Nozzle with the Experiemental?

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Has anyone used Experimental Extruder with a .2 or .35 mm nozzle and has anyone printed successfully with it?

I too have the Experimental extruder and the Tough Extruder`; thus, I am using the "MakerBot Print" software more. Sadly, I don't think "Balanced" or "Min-fill" is the best setting for my normal Smart+ extruders from high quality results. I was hoping to find a "profile" that would allow for the use of the Smart+ extruder on the MakerBot Print software suite that was tweaked.

It all 'well & good' to nave experimental profiles here, but they should have profiles for the Smart+ too. I know someone at MakerBot likely has extensive experience about "possible" print profiles that would allow printing at 0.1mm or less.

I am working for now with a 0.2mm (even if I do not have an experimental extruder). It is a bit tricky for having good results for now. I could print a mini tank with a quite good resolution. But I would like to know if someone else is working on this. Do you have ideas of 3D prints to test ?