Carbon Fiber PLA Print Modes on Replicator+

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Does anyone have any experience or Print Modes they can share for Replicator+ w/ Carbon Fiber PLA? I’ve been printing with PLA/ABS in various MakerBot Replicators for years but this is my first try with a composite/embedded filament. The main issue I’m having is the print popping/warping/curling off the raft. The raft will stick to the printer bed fine but the body of the print will detach from the raft in one or two areas (not the entire model). I’ve tried adjusting the raft to model settings, print speeds, etc. but still having 1-2 small areas detaching due to curl/warp. I’m using the Experimental Extruder with the .6 steel nozzle. If anyone has experience or print modes they’ve successfully used with CF PLA, I would appreciate it!!

I am surprised you are having trouble with a CF PLA, I would think the warping would be reduced due to the CF. How big a part are you trying to print?

My first thought would be to change the raft model spacing. You said that didn't work, what values did you use? I believe the way it works is that a more negative value will put the nozzle closer to the raft. I would probably try a value of -0.1 mm to start and increase (more negatively) from there. The tradeoff will be that you might get jamming due to nozzle impingement. The other thing would be to adjust the fill orientation so that the raft rasters are perpendicular to the model's floor rasters (if they aren't already). That can improve the contact surface area and help it stick a little better. The third thing would be to raise the temperature of the base layer; that also will help adhesion.

Please post some pics if you get a chance.