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BuildTak surface.

by Saraba

Can you use the BuildTak surface sheet on the Replicator Mini?

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Offical Makerbot Filament Peeling

by XxNinjaGodxX

So the Issue im having is that In my School The White Filament which is the official makerbot filament keeps on curling/warping etc.
The Issue is That It's Any Print will Curl. We made it 240C and we use Raft Etc Etc. The only thing we have on our build plate is masking tape and a Glue stick which works fine. IS There a Way to fix this issue?

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1st Gen Makerbot Replicator Dual Extruder

by ChipCustomizer

Well it finally happened, my Makerbot Replicator Dual Extruder finally called it quits. I was ordering parts to replace the nozzles, the hot ends, and the drive gears. Got a few parts in and started fixing the Makerbot. The cable management had the cables going between the two extruders where the screws that hold the filament tubes are located. When I tried to take off one of the hot ends the whole hot end twisted and stripped a few wires against the screw threads. A big pop sound, some smoke and no more working replicator :( I looked at the circuit board and one of the chips literally exploded. Being that Makerbot no longer supports this printer - I was just wondering if anyone had a working motherboard that they wouldn't mind selling so that I can get this working again.... Anyone... Anyone...?

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TOM upgrade

by msoublie

What>>I am looking for the part number of the Cantherm temperature regulator used on the MK7
Hope that the Gods can help.
Why>>I have the ancient makerbot TOM and I am looking to upgrade from the MK5. I have purchased an MK8 and built a safety switch board, but would rather not guess on the temp regulator.

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Replicator 2 X/Y axes are "overscaled"

by jdeangoldstein

Strange issue with one of our Replicators at work. It seems the X/Y values (when homing or drawing) are scaled by some degree. Here's how we know:

  1. Even though the home offsets are default (~152mm, ~72mm), the carriage attempts to drive too far towards the front and left of the printer when it's running its homing procedure just before the print. This results in clicking for a very brief moment as the carriage comes to a stop at the front/left of the machine.

  2. I took two X3G files that I prepped using Makerbot Desktop and use all the time on an FF Creator at home, and tried printing them on this bot. The prints are very clearly scaled about 5% and only in the X and Y dimensions. Again, using the exact same X3G files as on another machine, but only this machine exhibits the scaling.

It seems it's related to the machine. I'm running the latest Sailfish firmware, and have tried resetting the board in Rep G. Both problems persist.

Can anyone help?

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