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HELP? VIKI2 to Rambo1.3L

by Jebb

Ok guys,
I am fairly new to the 3D Printing world. I wanted to put the VIKI2 on my older M2 so I could free up my laptop. I am having no success getting the firmware to work. I have tried 3 different Marlin configurations and I must be missing one stupid step. One variable is I believe I am currently using an older version of firmware that has the primary fans running constantly, and I know they updated them to shut off with newer versions. If that helps in any way. Please help!

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Wipe pad for M2

by spmahoney78

Has anyone designed a wipe pad mounts to the side of the M2?


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Help getting started with 3-d Design

by Becktemba

I have a patent on a rake I want to design and print out.

I need help with:

Material Selection,

Let me know what you think

http://www.google.com/patents/US20080223014. I want to tweek the design


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MakerGear M2 Collection

by DougCostlow

I've been collecting everything I've found that is M2 related since 2012. This has a numbers of things not in this group.


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Find the M2 forum!

by TimEdwards

I think the problem with this Thingiverse group is that all of us "M2 heads" are hanging out at forums.makergear.com and not here. So there should be at least one forum topic to point people to where we usually hang out:


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