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100mm/s print speed is working fine for functional prints!

by baselsalam

Hi all, I'm super excited with the first batch of prints on this machine (my only prior experience has been Monoprice Select Mini).

I'm printing a few of these spools http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1996247 to split 1kg filaments with my friend.

I first started with 50mm/s print speed and 0.2mm layer height, then mid-print bumped up the speed to 75 then 100 and its fine!

Note that I still left these speeds to the default in Cura:
Outer Wall speed: 50mm/s
Top/Bottom speed: 50mm/s
Initial layer speed: 30mm/s

100mm/s means the 3hr 5min print estimate at 50mm was down to 2hrs (since outer/top/bottom/inital was still slow as noted above).

This is gamechanging for larger structural/functional pieces where fine detail doesn't matter much.

3D Mini Spool
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