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Malyan M200 poor print quality

by philvanhoutte

Help! Print quality on my Malyan M200 is very poor lately. I had a clogged nozzle and bowden tube and was able to clean all the tubes. Then I also changed the nozzle itself and relevelled the printing bed. Now printing on 230°C and printing bed temp 70°C. But there seems to be not enough filament coming through. I think the printing bed might still be too close to the nozzle. Looking at the pics, what is your opinion/advise?

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Pause at Layer to change filament

by electronron

I wanted to do a name tag with a color change at a given layer.
To do this I used the Pause feature of the MP Select Mini but I knew there had to be a better way.
The plug-in for Cura doesn't work for the MP Select Mini so you have to do it yourself but it's easy.

I found out that the G-Code M600 does the same thing as pressing pause.

Here's the procedure.
First you will want Notepad2, I got it from Source Forge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/notepad2/)
Now load your STL file into Cura and save the G-Code.
Use the Layers view to find the layer where you want to change the filiment.
Load your G-Code into Notepad2
Use Find to search for the layer in the format of LAYER:n where n it the layer number you are looking for.
Enter a blank line before the ;LAYER:n
Enter M600
Save the G-Code.
That's it, just run your print, change your filament when it pauses then un-pause.

Here's a portion of the G-Code I edited and successfully printed. As you can see I made my filament change to take place at Layer 6
G0 F3600 X63.636 Y60.808
G1 F3300 X64.353 Y61.525 E217.03716
G1 F2400 E212.53716
G0 F3600 X72.011 Y66.700 Z1.500

I hope this helps anyone wanting a simple way to pause at a given layer.

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Cat -mixed success printing it

by kenwag

OK this doesn't seem too active a group, but here goes.
I successfully printed the sample cat on the SD card supplied with the printer, using some fluoro yellow PLA.
However I tried again unsuccessfully with some black and some red PLA. The cat broke away from its raft while printing each time.

Anyone else had the same issue? Seems like a design flaw, that the connection to the raft is too fragile. Only gcode is supplied, so hard to edit.

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Hotend clogged need help

by Cunibon

hey i have my malyan M200 for not even a month and i really love that thing but at the moment im facing a problem. it seems like i have a clogg in my hotend. i already checkt my boden tube an my nozzel and the arent the problem so now my only guess is that it is the hotend. i cant pull the filimant out and of cours it wont go through. Has anyone an idea or even a solutions. while im writing this im playing with the thought to get the hotend out of my maschine but i wantet to check for help first.

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Latest firmware

by Lesley_Van_der_Veen

Anyone know were to get the latest compatible firmware for the malyan m200?

I’m almost ready to get a 3d printer, but I can’t find anything about firmware or find a english official Facebook group dedicated to the m200.

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