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Welcome to the group Maritime

by Myller

Hi and welcome to the group Maritime!
My name is Henric and i started this group because i saw the need to collect the model boat enthusisats at thingiverse to one place. This will hopefully inspire others to get involved in this theme and produce some great models for us all to enjoy and teach each other the best methods making models. 3D printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming and in combinations and so on.

I have yet to upload my first thing but im working on a tugboat suitable for rc.

Suggestions for group builds would be fun and/or just upload your favorit model you just made.
Maby we could mark future models connected to the group with "Maritime (scale) (type) (name)" in the same way as OpenRC for easier access.
Maritime 1/48 Tugboat Klimek
Maritime 1/20 Sailboat
Maritime Lighthouse
Maritime Oilrig

We are now 10 members and thats awesome!

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Where to begin?

by stevenette


I am trying to map out local lakes for my thesis and have gone through 5 versions of boats now using PVC, balsa, aluminum etc. with no good solution. So I got a 3D printer! I have been practicing with it for about 6 months now with the only goal in mind to make a solar powered boat. I don't have the money for fusion, but I am decent with sketchup. I have been told to use delftship for the fluid dynamics control of the boat, but that program is waaaaay too much for my computer to handle.

Does anyone have any good tips on where to start for a boat? I have all my equipment including the PX4 autopilot, charge controller, batteries etc. All I am missing is my lovely customized boat.

Thank you much and I look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone!

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Fiber or not ?

by jij83

Hello, I am trying to print one of my new creations but I would like to know if it is necessary to fiber the boat? Or do I put gel coat directly on plastic? Thank you for your answers :).

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