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Curing Elegoo resin

by p00ta

How do you cure your resin?

...my go-to method right now is

  • clean the print in IPA
  • remove supports
  • submerge print in glas of water and let sit in the sun for a couple of hours (no lid; aluminium foil on bottom)
Elegoo Elegoo_Mars iphone isopropyl_alcohol resin uv_curing
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Prints coming out reversed on new Mars printer

by Bloozrider

I just received my new Elegoo Mars printer and ran the test object - the rook - that they provide on the USB stick. It came out completely reversed. The text is backwards and the spiral staircase in the rook was reversed compared to the image in Chitubox and on the many YouTube videos showing it. Is this a settings issue I can fix or a manufacturing issue that will require a return/replacement?

Thank you,
Steve C.

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Initial setup and tuning for resin printing noob

by Yibini

Any suggestions, experiences, or guidance for someone new to resin printing and this printer? This is my first resin printer so feeling a bit like learning to swim again. Any suggestions on software, settings, or anything else will be greatly appreciated, and help those who come after.

Thanks in advance.

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Learning to Print

by aquato

Hey everyone, I just bought the Elegoo Mars LCD printer and I am very new to all this. I'm having troubles printing anything other then the example model that comes with the unit. I have an object that is even similar in shape to the rooke model provided and I can't get it to print either. Most the time I end up with and empty plate and a thin layer where the print started. Can you guys offer any advice. I ran it through the software they recommended and sliced it etc but no luck. I have no idea where I could be going wrong, I can't even find tutorials.

Thank you

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SLA Part falling off plate into bath

by NHVolt

I have successfully run sample pieces that came with the unit. I have a larger piece long and narrow which has twice not completed the run without falling into the bath.
Still playing with bottom exposure times 15 or 60 seconds.
Any advise
My next attempt is adding a formed angled block section to place the item right on the bed. It will have to be cut off later.

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