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What about a Star Lord figure

by KingMura

Hi guys,
I wondered why there is knowhere a full Star Lord figure... So I began to ask a few designers... It would be very awesome, if somebody in here is talented enough to make a star lord figure... I would really love to have one... If you think so too, contact me...

Thanks for your attention

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by Laborall

Hi, would anyone be interested if I sculpted Loki's head? I was really surprised I couldn't find him anywhere so I decided to do this myself. I don't have enough skill to do the body so, I don't know, maybe someone wants to continue it?

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Mysterio Model

by Silverback88

Yes I know I'm hopping on the bandwagon a little bit with this model, but I thought you guys should check it out.

All the Best,

The Marvelous Mysterio
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Guardians of the Galaxy

by Old_School_Molder

I want a complete set of the Guardian busts. I found Rocket, Groot and Starlord. I Need Gamora and Drax and can't find them ANYWHERE. I just need a bust but even if someone knows where a full 3D model is I can just edit it into a bust.

Thank you.

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