Proxies for Marvel Crisis Protocol

by UncleKam

Hey everyone,

I am interested in proxies for Marvel Crisis Protocol. I would like to find proxies for the entire collection. Any links or suggestions? Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman and a few of the other big names are easy but many have proven very difficult.

Anyone have something for Black Bolt, Black Cat, Enchantress, Clea, Domino, Ebony Maw, Moon Knight, Heimdall, Medusa, or Supergiant? I can't even find a good sculpt of Kingpin or Drax.


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i want to make a fight scene so i need broken stuff.

by tennilles82

I'm making some fight scenes to display my collection so i need broken stuff. Any suggestions on where i can find something that i may be able to use please?

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Full Size Spiderman

by shortdog

Trying to find a good model of Spiderman in his crouched pose that I can try and print at full scale or maybe half scale. I have Anycubic Chiron, so I can print pretty big things. If anyone has found a model that might work, please respond.


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Hank Pym Tank Keychain

by Nick8888

hey anyone up for making or editing a Hank Pym tank keychain from the ant man movie?
as far as i can find its a t-34 tank.
i have added a picture found of it.
thanks in advanced

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What about a Star Lord figure

by KingMura

Hi guys,
I wondered why there is knowhere a full Star Lord figure... So I began to ask a few designers... It would be very awesome, if somebody in here is talented enough to make a star lord figure... I would really love to have one... If you think so too, contact me...

Thanks for your attention

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by Nelyth

Hi, would anyone be interested if I sculpted Loki's head? I was really surprised I couldn't find him anywhere so I decided to do this myself. I don't have enough skill to do the body so, I don't know, maybe someone wants to continue it?

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Guardians of the Galaxy

by Old_School_Molder

I want a complete set of the Guardian busts. I found Rocket, Groot and Starlord. I Need Gamora and Drax and can't find them ANYWHERE. I just need a bust but even if someone knows where a full 3D model is I can just edit it into a bust.

Thank you.

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