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by eva_

Ciao guys,

what about fraktals? Had you got any ideas?

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Octagon style Heart (valentines day)

by lcpl

Hi I was hoping to get some help,
I tried and failed to create an octagon heart, harder than I thought.
I like this heart http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1272014 but in the said shape.
If anyone is willing to help that would be amazing?

Edit: For more clarification, the poly count from the top and back face, getting them really low, block like, instead of the roundness
having 3 edges from front to back

Valentines Day Heart
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MathGirl rocks!!

by sparkdaddychad

Looking to see more amazing designs from MathGirl, some of the most impressive things that I have printed have come from her. Keep on rocking this shiznit girl!!

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Feedback to Mathematica

by esander1789

Has anyone given feedback to Mathematica about specific STL files that don't mesh well? I am in contact with a technical person at the moment, and it seems like they have not really heard from 3D printers. If they get a lot of comments of specific code that does not produce a good mesh, maybe they will really try to improve their STL output.

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