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Firmware question

by jsmith24

Hi all!

Hopefully someone still browses here now and again...

I see that the firmware for the dual head extruder is here, but I have the Max Micron i3 Prusa Mendel clone, single extruder. The previous owner not only didn't set up the firmware quite right (a few settings), but also seems to have locked out something vital: being able to flash the settings I set in gcode to the EEPROM.

Does anyone know if the firmware provided here will work?

If not, does anyone have a working Marlin firmware that will?



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How's everyone? It's been exactly 1 year since the last post!

by PsychItsMike

Everyone still using their Max Microns? Any cool upgrades, any new printers?

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dose anyone using the BLtouch to the MM R8?

by ronenst

I just finish to wiring the BLtouch to MM board but need to do the changes in the firmware so it could work.
Did anyone did it and can send me the firmware with all necessary changes?

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Bed support plate and a few other questions..

by tek1229

Hi everyone!!!! Just joined a few days ago, thanks in advance for your patience!!!

I just bought a used Max Micron, already have it up and running pretty decent.. Most of the issues were related to the firmware when the previous user tried to update it?? Anyways now that it's running and I'm doing some test prints I've noticed the acrylic bed support is bent somewhat.. I can compensate by leveling the bed but this isn't something I can readily print a spare of and I would not rather wait til it bends too much and contacts something, or my prints get so bad I run out of thread on bed adjustment..

I'd like to upgrade it to 1/8 aluminum and I'm wondering if anyone has any drawings I can use for a waterjet cutter or even if anyone knows of a link online that is selling one.. I can find a couple versions but I don't have specific measurements for mine and the websites I've found that have aluminum bed support plates don't have spec'd out measurements either.. I can take mine apart and do it the hard way, lol but I'd rather keep on printing until it's time to change it out..

My other question is the firmware/marlin... I tried finishing what was started and used the newest marlin, changed the configuration.h file to match this printer, used the BOARD_MKS_13 which adds the pin for the second extruder but uses ramps 1.4 for everything else.. This worked but the extruders were getting all messed up.. At first E0 was going super slow and only extruding 1/10 of what it should.. 10mm would be 1mm and 100 would be 10.. I thought the board was cooked because at one point because with the same settings extruder 0 was loud,too fast and 10x the distance it should be and extruder 1 was nice, slow and exactly 100mm.. Swapping connectors swapped the concern so I knew the steppers were ok.. It's as if the extruder stepping was different between the 2 even though I didn't have DISTINCT_E_FACTORS defined.. I then tried by defining that and using different values and the E0 was unresponsive to any changes.. I tried a million different things, getting rid of every option but nothing worked until I tried an older marlin version and fixed both extruders.. Only issue left now is when print is completed and it attempts to retract slightly it retracts forever.. lol.. I'm guessing the end g code isn't set up for the older marlin version.. Has anyone been able to run the marlin 1.1.6 successfully?? Care to share your configuration.h file?? I don't think I changed anything in the configuration_adv.h.. I'm pretty sure I'm messing something up, I do use arduino's and am used to the code aspect of it but at a much smaller context.. Haven't run free mem but I got rid of bed leveling,disabled eeprom,etc and it still did the same thing..

One more question, I have the dual extruder like seen here "https://3dprint.com/109586/max-micron-dual-extruder/" Anyone have anything set up for layer cooling already?? Seen a few issues caused by this and I don't want to have to slow down to a crawl to prevent sags..

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updated X carriage

by Thomllama

Just did some minor updates to my X carriage for Max Micron. Mostly added screws/nuts as I found over time printed plastics seem to stretch and not maintain the grip on the bearing. Can cause wobble and I even had a bearing pop free even though they were so friggin tight when I installed that I had a hard time getting them in. Does takes months (almost a year it seems) but still happened so I added the screws to maintain grip. If you are still using the stock, or my older version, and are noticing slop and free bearings, I highly recommend printing 4.1 and installing. Is a good improvement!


Adjustable Stop X Carriage - Max Micron and other Prusa i3
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