casting 3d prints

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so how a lot of custom jewelry is made, especially rings, is they start from a wax model, which is cast in plaster, melted out and replaced with a precious metal.

has anyone done the same with a hollow 3d print to cast something out of a non ferrous metal?

any tips?

Check out Myfordboy on YouTube. He prints the model and casts it in sand instead of plaster.

Not exactly - but I create molds of 3D prints with gelatin and cast them in resin. If I fill the resin with about 1/4 of metal powder, it looks and feels like metal.

You should be able to remove a step from this process if you make the mold itself on the 3D printer. I've done a similar thing to create a silicon rubber elbow.

I created the part in Fusion 360, then created a rectangular block a bit bigger than the part. Moved the part positive in the middle of the block then did a difference operation to make a negative void. Then I use the shell command to get the smallest possible wall thicknesses.

Then I split the mold into 2 halves so it could be printed without supports for the inside walls, and to allow it to be filled with 2-part silicon.

Mixed my silicon, poured into each mold half, put them together and rubber banded them to hold.

With a bit more work I could have probably made a single piece print instead of the 2 halves, with a hole for filling, but it was just a test. Once the silicon was all cured I broke apart the thin walled mold. Viola! Silicon rubber elbow.

ok now you really got my curiosity. since when is printing with gelatin a thing?

well id really like to see if anyone has tried actually casting metal objects from 3d printed blanks before i try my own experiments. the more mistakes i know people have made, the closer i am to success right?

Ok, I think I wrote it a bit wrong :-)
I print in PLA and create a gelatin mold from the printed object. Afterwards I cast with "metal filled" Resin. The gelatin has a low melting point, so it's not to cast real metal :-)
But I saw a few videos on youtube from people casting with the "Lost PLA" method. So you embed your printed object in casting sand - and when you pour the hot metal over it, the PLA wil burn away.
I never did this on my own, because I have no possibility to melt metal.