General purpose cd/dvd gripper

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I'm trying to design an open source robot actuator for gripping CD discs.
The main applications I have in mind are either a disc duplicator robot and a jukebox/cd changer.

Design constraints:
1) Needs to grip the disc edges, not center hole, so it can be used with cd spindle.
2) As slim a profile as possible to maximize the number of discs a jukebox rack could hold.

Below is a rough model of what I'm thinking. As you can see, I'm still undecided about the best method for servo attachment.

Any feedback or design suggestions?

Are you sure you coudnt get away with gripping it from "the sides", plier-style? that way you would avoid a couple of joints and therefore eliminate a lot of sloppiness, which in turn needs more space horizontally (if we're talking 3d printed that is)...