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"Show me what you got!"

by Table_Top_Gaming_Fun

Share photos of your Battletech collection!

My collection boarders on edge of insanity. I took these photos when we collected them up per class and put them into 4 separate storage bins.

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WSP-1A Wasp?

by Theophrastus

Hey Comms,
Just joined the list.
I was looking for 20 Tonne Mechs to create a small skermish force.
Can you point me in the direction of a WSP-1A Wasp, STG-3R Stinger?
I've found the LCT-1V Locust, thanks.


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Hermes and Clint

by Newfinator

Looking for 6mm models to print for these two

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MWO fafnir

by metallica_danger

Hey, is anyone going to do the MWO edition of the fafnir, or am I going to have to do it myself?

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Been adding several updated models with bases - Like Minimalist

by Table_Top_Gaming_Fun

I just joined the group and added all of the battletech models I updates. Minimalistix has done a great job of setting them up. I did update a few, and add bases to a few others and match the same base style already done by Minimalistix to keep some consistency. Most of my updates were joint fixes or beefing up parts so they have some more meat on them when they print.

I've been a fan on Mechwarrior PC games since the 90's. I recently came across the quick start rules for "Battletech Alpha Strike" this week. My printer has been working non-stop for the last few days.

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