Terrain, Boardgame play; or Wargame play;

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What do folks prefer, Battle tech as a War game with terrain; or Hex maps?

I have always played on hex maps. Anyone ever battle on the neopreme ones that Catalyst has put out?

I have not used the CGL neoprene maps, but have used others in the past. They are REALLY nice to use.

When teaching new players, I always use maps, but I do love to play on terrain using tape measures.

i use 3d hex terrain myself

i use my own hegonal 3d terrain. Sometime i'll post it here on thingiverse.

I'd love to see it! I tried some early experiments with buildings, Im not sure i have a working theory for how to get working buildings.

N scale buildings have been used for years. The great thing about 3D printing is being able to scale so much stuff. Use a tape measure or other straight edge or string, measure cockpit to cockpit for line of sight.

I have changed to something in the middle of both. If you've checked out the things that I posted, you'll see the hex terrain tiles system from GarageBay9 that I modified. It's better than the flat printed maps that require some level of abstraction, and is yet straight-forward enough to play without tape measures.

My group plays Alpha Strike with terrain. We tried hex maps first, then terrain, and the consensus was decidedly in favor of terrain.

When I played a long time ago...we did hex maps...but I have played once on a huge tabletop 3D terrain map and tape measures, it was really cool with the 3 dimensional trying to figure out LOS and partial cover and stuff like that...definitely made for an interesting game...

Back in the day, Ditto, I went back to boards recently as it was more portable.