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Filament detection ?

by csunwc

How do you handle end of filament detection?
Do you end up with lots of unused wasted filament in spools to avoid running out of filament?

I am new to Mendel90 and almost finished printing with my first 1 kg PLA spool.
My 1st 3D printer is a 3DWOX that has a filament counter and a microchip inside filament cartridge to estimate end of the filament.
I do not see any filament sensor for Mendel90.
However, I see such sensor available today.
Would that work with Marlin firmware to enable automatic pause? If yes, which pin to connect?
I noticed this feature for Marlin was discussed 2 years ago. I wonder what is the current status.

Please advise. Thanks.

Microswitch filament runout sensor
by eussrh
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Mendel90 Tweaks and Enhancements

by edenr

It would be great to know what tweaks and enhancements you guys have made to your Mendel90 machines.

I've made some fairly minor changes, such as using an aluminium build plate (which works great and removes the need for clips) and a mirrored Greg Wade extruder that I still need to put up on Thingiverse. Are there any changes that you guys would suggest to other Mendel90 owners?

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Marlin M26 Set SD position in bytes is only 5 digits

by CVMichael

My printer stopped in the middle of a print that takes about 5 hours. It stopped while it was printing support, so I thought resuming during that portion should not be a big deal.
I recorded the position it stopped (3081775), then I selected the file again with M23, and with M26 I wanted to resume from where it stopped. The problem is that the position for M26 seems to be limited to only 5 digits!!! any number larger than 5 digits will result in a weird position (used M27 to check position after M26 S3081775)

Does anyone know how to resume the print from a position larger than 5 digits?

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Better tube caps

by boelle

Hi all

I had the chance to get a set of dibond sheets made and collected all the parts for a Mendel90 (easy as I had the MDF version already)

First thing that really anoyed me was the tube caps, they break very easy.

Anyone that has an idea for improvement?

I ended up giving the nyloc's a drop of glue so they where glued in place and then brused the outside with acetone. And then i used a used nyloc which did not require the same torque. Not ideal but it got the job done.

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Kits again maybe... But not from nophead

by boelle

I have heard that a local group in reading might do a build round. Kits might be an option and it will be based on Nophead's git repro as it stands today but with some small tweaks.

Any idea how much interest there will be if it gets of the ground?

I assume support will be limited to help at a local hackerspace

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