Better tube caps

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Hi all

I had the chance to get a set of dibond sheets made and collected all the parts for a Mendel90 (easy as I had the MDF version already)

First thing that really anoyed me was the tube caps, they break very easy.

Anyone that has an idea for improvement?

I ended up giving the nyloc's a drop of glue so they where glued in place and then brused the outside with acetone. And then i used a used nyloc which did not require the same torque. Not ideal but it got the job done.

I solved the problem for the kits by supplying four nylocs that had been pre-loosened by driving a screw in and back out again with an electric drill.

i came to same conclusion after breaking an unknown number of tube caps... for extra strenght i brused them with acetone of the outside and a drop or 2 of superglue on the nut so that the glue would soak down between the nut and the cap

Another trick I did to increase the strength is to print them with a skirt that goes all the way to the top to keep them warm during printing. That helps interlayer adhesion.

On the Huxley build they take M3 nuts so there is more plastic around it.

Tube caps? What tubes? What caps?

Please show a few pics or diagrams.

I have no idea about any tube caps in a Mendel90.

Thanks :)


this is a verion in acrylic where you can see the alu bars under it.... but for the dibond version its the same

there are 2 alu tubes under the Mendel90... and at each end of these tubes a cab is inserted